Addiction vs Dependence

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Addiction vs Dependence

Addiction vs Dependence is something a lot of people know nothing about. They often think it is the same. If not the associate the two with each other. It is essential to know the difference. This could determine how far someone needs to go when getting help or helping someone with a drug problem. One is when you are at you once. While the other is a step up from that. Telling the difference is very important because it could save someone's life. You knowing the difference and showing it to someone with a problem can help them. So let's get into it.

Addiction vs Dependence is a very confusing and severe topic. The two are often associated with each other. They should be as they are almost the same. They just affect you in different ways. Calling them the same thing is not the right thing because they aren't the same. I'll start with Dependence. Dependence is the step before you hit addictive. Being dependent doesn't mean you're addicted yet. Addiction usually comes next after this. When you are dependent on something, your mind feels that you need it. It depends on it as you need it to survive every day. If you go without it, you don't feel normal. You feel like something is wrong. You think this way because our mind and body are dependent on something. Being helpless is not as bad as being addicted. If you catch yourself being addicted, it is easier to stop this behaviour. You will have symptoms from withdrawals. After a couple days or a week, they will go away. Trying to kick something when you are full on addicted is not this easy. Catching yourself or someone else in this stage could save their life. That's why knowing the difference is so important.

Addiction is like this but way worse. Addiction affects the pleasure part of your brain. It's not so much dependent but more so enjoyable. When you are addicted, you are irrational. Addiction is a disease and will make you sick if you don't use the thing you are addicted too. You can't focus on anything but what you are also addicted. Your addiction is the only priority you have. Nothing else matters. When you are at this stage, you will say and do anything to get what you're addicted too. Being addicted and trying to stop a tough thing to do. Sometimes trying to go cold turkey and do it on your own does more harm to yourself. Depending on the drug, you are addicted too. If you just stop using you can die. Your body is addicted to it now and can't function without it. It will shut down, and you could die. When you are addictive, the best way to stop is to go to a rehab center. They will give you the proper care and tools to take care of yourself. This is the best and safest way to beat your addiction. 

So you see now, Dependence and addiction are different. They both affect your brain but in a different way. They affect different parts of your mind. So they affect your body and the way you operate differently. Dependence is not a full-on disease Addiction is. With the proper help, you can beat them both. Just pay attention to your behaviour and look for the signs. Doing this will make a big difference in how far you fall.